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Wednesday, June 4

It's Our Moment...It's Our Time...Happy June!

Uh....a bit late here, but happy June! A friend of mine once said (long ago), "you have to say 'Rabbit, Rabbit' the first morning of the month, right when you wake up. It'll bring you good luck!" Okay, so, belated "rabbit, rabbit" everyone!

Clickety to Embiggen (the pics)--->

I try to keep this blog politically neutral, but I am just bursting with pride and joy right now! I am huge supporter of Barack Obama. It's the first time I've ever donated to a political candidate. Last night's speech gave me hope again for this country. I won't blather on much, but I really, really hope that Americans will find it in their hearts the courage and strength to give him a chance come November. My friends come from all political stripes, so I'll just get off the political soapbox and off to fiber stuff! (Feel free to carry on any political conversation with me off blog at my comcast e-mail!) Hugs.
Back to other stuff...

The pics of the flowers are: columbine, lupines, and wiegelia--just starting. All the plants are soaking wet, and it's drizzling out! Today is rainy and cool. Temperature in the mid 60s. This weekend it's supposed to be 86-

I'm off to Bennington (southern Vermont) on Friday for a GLBT knit camp! Yay! I'm on a listserve with dozens of fabulous people from all over the world, and about 20 something of us are meeting Friday-Sunday for a knit camp. I've been on the list group for about six months now, and the talented and extremely funny group has enriched my life. (Remind me to post later about "JIC Melissa", and the Melissa names...) I'm not teaching a workshop this time, so I'm really psyched to just hang, and knit with folks. That was one of the drawbacks of teaching the spinning cotton workshop at Easton--I didn't get as much time to just hang with people. Although the workshop for me was extremely rewarding--both sharing, and feedback from the attendees.

BFF news! One of my new BFFs from Easton is Kenny from Houston, "The Boy Who Knits". He's a wonderful guy, and I'm honored to know him, and getting to know him online and via phone since the retreat. Kenny sent me a "pound of love" in the mail. A box of yarn! Fabulous sock yarn: a gorgeous Flat Feet blank, with browns and greens; two skeins of Panda Silk (bamboo, superwash merino, and some silk) that has the most amazing hand (feel), in browns and gold; two skeins of Lorna's Laces Shepherd sock yarn in purple iris (green and purple); two skeins of Shibuiknits superwash merino in jade green; a skein of dark blue, and a skein of grey Trekking XXL sockyarn; two skeins of Plymouth Royal 100% bamboo; and the "unmentionable" Red Heart iron acrylic yarn--a joke, not in the pic--my hands are wayyyyyy too soft to deal with a petroleum based yarn.

So, a HUGE thanks to Kenny! Luv ya!

That's all folks! For now. More later if I have time. If not, after the knit camp weekend!

Hugs, Chris