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Sunday, May 4

May in Vermont

Two weeks ago it was 82 degrees here in northwest Vermont. Today it was 60. Kind of springlike, but it's damp and cold. Like our trip to Portland, Oregon in November '07. The trees are budding, the daffodils are gone by, and it's just about time for J. to do the first lawn mowing. I cook. He mows. And takes care of the compost for our organic garden! (He does eat well, I must say.)

Tonight I made a Thai/Indian dish. Curried broccoli and Quorn (vegetarian fake chicken breast-type food...yum) with organic golden rose short grain rice and red quinoa. I used Indian curry from our trip to India in '06, Thai green curry paste, and some of my homemade yogurt. It was yummy.

Knitting updates:

  • Audacity yarn from blackbunny (rav): it's part of a fund raiser for my guy Barack. It's 100% superwash merino, yummy feel and yummy colors! I was planning on making socks from it, but i have several pairs of socks planned/done and maybe I'll do a scarf. Was goggling scarf patterns last night. Just need to find the coolest one!

  • Sun ray shawl (1950's dinner cloth/tea table garment in shawl disguise). I'm only on row 98 of 7 billion! Seriously, there are about 260 rows. But, the stitches are increased by 1/3 for each section. I just went from about 213 sts to 640! So each row will now take 3 times longer to do.

Other things:

The Men's Spring Knitting Retreat in Easton, NY is only a couple weeks away! I can't wait! Gay male knitters! Whoo hoo! Joe and Ted have done a lot of work for this. I'm teaching a short workshop on spinning cotton. Joe, Ted, Dan O. and Mr. DV are attending. Such esteemed people with loads of talent! I'm honored and humbled--to share my knowledge and to learn from them.

Off for now, gotta load up pics. more later...


Zhenya said...

The Sun Ray Shawl is going to be amazing! I'm not sure how you've got the stamina for the ever-increasing row count, though. Best of luck with that!

Kyle Kunnecke said...

if anyone can finish that shawl it's YOU! - :)