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Thursday, July 3

Jewelled Steps Socks Update...

Here are some pics of the Jewelled Steps socks I'm working on, from Cat Bordhi's "Pathways" sock book. For some reason, my brain just can't figure out the instructions for readjusting the stitches prior to working the heel.

I have the hardest time doing it! Maybe because I'm left handed and right-brained. For the Coriolis socks it was an agonizing 1.5 hours. For this sock last night was an hour. I think I am doing the reverse in my head. The pics of the needles is backwards for me. I have to look at the knitting from the view as I am knitting them, so moving the markers to the left would be to the right for me. I basically just gave up and put the marker 10 sts to the left of the steps, then added 15 for the wings.

Click on pics for larger view...

In the top pic you can see the expansion stitches nicely fan out on the inside (left side) of the right foot sock. Nice.

In the middle pic (I just updated this post with the new pics), you can see the steps, and the expansion section clearly. I like how this runs on the inside left flank of the right sock. Hopefully this will be mirrored in the left foot sock!

I decided to add a 3x2 rib on the cuff, but only in the back of the sock. The steps continue on the front half.

Some other thoughts, the wraps for the steps are pretty small at sock weight yarn. I'd do 4 stitches and maybe wrap 3 times. And, it's way easier to do the wraps by putting the stitches on to a short cable needle, quickly wrapping the yarn around twice, and then knitting the stitches.


Joansie said...

I'm at the same point with my "Ocean Waves" socks by Cat Bordhi. Mathematically mind challenging!!! I took a class with her when she was in Vermont last fall. I blogged about it when I was on Yahoo 360. Lots of fun. Good luck with the sock.

Alpaca Granny said...

Pretty soon we'll be seeing pictures of alpaca socks that will go to Michigan, right? Well, as soon as I get my stuff around.

Briley said...

Luckily I seem to get Cat's directions with-out problem. I don't think I would have made it through so many of her patterns otherwise. Your jeweled step wraps do look much nicer than mine, though. I love the idea for the cable needle. Wish I had thought of it while I was making mine!