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Friday, July 25

Of Blueberries and of Lace...

Well, it sounds like a good title! Kind of Victorian or something.

Click on pics for a larger view...

Of B
lueberries: we have 4 or 5 blueberry bushes in our fenced-in garden. Basically every other year we have a bumper crop. I've read that honey bees are the number one pollinators of blueberries, and with the tremendous loss of honey bees in New England and the U.S., J and me were really worried about getting many berries--and big ones at that. Well, take a look at this bowl of berries! They are huge! (Note: that's a quarter in the bowl.) J's been picking them (and blackberries) for a couple of weeks now (he's the #1 berry picker in this house), and I've been reaping the benefits of his hard work and time amidst the prickly bushes. Don't worry--I do a fair share of the work! I do all the canning and preserving (including occasional blueberry jam!). The really talented hard work.

Of Lace:
Sigh. I lost the 'Sunray Shawl' I started in May. Somewhere between here and Easton (NY) it disappeared. I've also ditched the 'Rose of England' for a spell, as it was too frustrating to accomplish with dull needles. So, I found 'Springtime' from the same book by Marianne Kinzel: First Book of Modern Lace Knitting.

This pattern is a square one (the 'ROE' was round) and a lot more fun--but maybe I will bore of it too
soon? I'm using the dusty rose alpaca/merino lace from

The second picture is a shot of the pic in the book. The last picture is a closeup of the center square, which is the part I have finished, chart A.

So, as you can see, there is lots more to do! But it's fun...

Note to self: less Plurking and more Etsying (putting my stuff on my Etsy site)


Jason said...

Blueberries look YUMMY! Man I am hungry. Serious!

What your Etsy url?

Joansie said...

Great work..both knitting and berrying! Check LYS wherever you stopped along the way (call them) as they may have your project. Someone turned in a partially knitted sweater at Kaleidescope awhile back that had been found in the park and they were hoping to find the owner.

Marianne said...

Yum, those blueberries look good.
I have this crazy theory about the bees, mainly that they've 'had it' with the human corporate work life and ditched those digs for their own. Obviously they're out there, look at your berries... I'm thinking they've just gone for more 'freelancing' gigs. :^) (we have plenty of them in our yard and I've noticed on other blogs the same)

So sorry you lost the Sunray.
Springtime is just glorious though!

Knit Witch said...

Hmmmm - I think I need your recipe for blueberry jam. I tried making some yesterday and it WILL NOT gel! Even after pectin and massive cook time. Sigh...........

tata said...

Holy blueberries! Those suckers are HUGE! Please enjoy a bowl for me :)

Zhenya said...

I'm with Knit Witch: bring on the jam recipe!!!

Sorry to hear about the MIA shawl. How disappointing to lose the work.

Zhenya said...
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