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Monday, September 29

September Update...

Wow! I haven't blogged in ages! Kenny, my knitting friend from Houston, is here in Vermont for a week's vacation from the hurricane after-effects in Houston. He was without power and water for 9 days, and just had the power restored the day before he flew to Vermont. Luckily, he has a kind friend in Houston (with power) who let him stay with him for a number of days.

So, we've been off leaf peeping, visiting yarn shops, seeing the sights, eating great food and just hanging and relaxing. We visited the Mountain Fiber Folk Coop in Montgomery Center, Vermont. (First three pics at right.) I met Sabra (pictured with me), and Carol at the Vermont Sheep & Wool Festival about 3 weeks ago and told them we'd make the trek up to MC to see them. We had a blast! Nice stuff, nice people.

We had a lovely trip to Craftsbury Common, which is one of the most beautiful towns in Vermont, and saw lots of wonderful foliage, and some sheep right next to the road (dirt road)! I think it was the Bonnie View Farm. I'll have to goggle it and update here.

Other pics of foliage I think were on the way to Montgomery Center.

I just wanted to get a quick post off to update ya'll. I had lots to blog about after: visit to the Vermont Sheep & Wool, the stash I got there, spinning updates, and knitting updates. But, that's all for now!

Thanks for visiting my blog.

-Vtknitboy (chris)



thank post and must get more PICTURES of fall...nice to have clouds! sun shine! just saying... l love you chris! i just want more PICTURES!!! fall. you have fall. you must share fall!!!

Marianne said...

Thanks for the little update, the foliage is looking fantastic! It's still very green here, no signs of changing colours yet.

Geek Knitter said...

So good to hear from you again, I was starting to get the tiniest bit worried.

The colors are marvelous, and it's good to see your smiling face.

Jason said...

Love the colors of the trees. I can sit on one of those benches and enjoy some quiet moments. Maybe knitting. Maybe reading.

BTW, I got my tea shipment! Yay!

Hi to Kenny! He's still there, right?

Anonymous said...

I must say, I had a very awesome vacation. Thanks to mama chris and uncle jeff!!!! Thank you.

Love ya'll (texas)

Joansie said...

Sounds like you were great hosts for Kenny. How many yarn shops did you visit? Where was "Wildfoote" purchased? (in Montpelier?)