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Tuesday, December 9

Knit Updates

Happy Winter to All!

I hope mid-December finds you all healthy and happy! It was about -4 f. this morning, here in NW Vermont. But now it's in the 30's and blustery. The joy of living in New England!

Here's an update on my knitting adventures. Please click on the pics for a better and larger view...

I've been working on and completing some Holiday gifts. I can't say much about them, as the recipients may read this blog!

The first pair of socks are made with Esprit yarn by Cotton with some nylon for support. This pair (for a female) has a lace pattern on the top, and I used size 3 needles.

The second pair (for a male) is plain knitting on size 5 needles. Same yarn, different colorway. It's a fun yarn to knit with. Stretchy but soft.

Both pairs were done with Judy's Magic cast-on (super easy and better than the figure-8 cast-on), toe-up, short row heel.

Third pair of socks (for me!) in Noro sock yarn. This was the yarn my BFF Kenny from Houston bought me on his visit to Vermont this fall. The yarn comes in long stretches of color. It was fun starting the yarn on the second sock to match the first one! Luckily the yarn is designed so that, if one wants to, you can knit matching socks. You can also knit the second sock from the end of the skein (instead of continuing in order), and you'll get the same color but reversed order. I added red cotton yarn on the heels to give them some strength. I'm not sure how well these socks will wear. I wear my socks pretty hard. Most socks don't last me two years--at least in the heels.

Two nights ago I started knitting wrist warmers for me. I used Atacama 100% alpaca yarn by Araucania in Chile. It's hand-dyed and very nice. I picked up a bunch of this yarn from in a super bag sale (for about $2.50 a skein), but I purchased this colorway at A Stitch in Time yarn shop in Jericho (where I am teaching learn to knit worskhops!). Note: you can pick up some really good deals at Littleknits! They have tons of stuff on sale. And, Atacama alpaca yarn is being sold for $3-4 a skein in lots of places. Just google it.

Anywho, back to the wrist warmers. There are dozens of free patterns online--I just did a simple 2x1 ribbing, and an added thumb gusset separated by a stitch I alternated in knit, then purl. Knitted the thumb plain (stockingknit) and topped with 5 rows of the ribbing. Very nice, warm and very soft! I love the colorway. Earthy tones.

I am also playing around with handspun and swatches. I did a diagonal Madeira lace with 8 stitches of stockingknit panel in between. Top to bottom handspun: purple corriedale with white merino/bamboo; alpaca with the mer/bamboo, and another alpaca with mer/bamboo. Kind of fun imagining this as a woman's top--possibly for cool fall nights over a white t-shirt. Semi-open separated by the knit panels. I am planning on designing some pieces. This would have some decreasing on the sides, for more form fitting, and possibly some lacey picot edging flaring out on the bottom portion. Tank-top type shoulder straps. Knit panels on the side (to compensate for the decreasing) and over the, you know, female parts for more support. Or not. But that's an x-rated version! Lol.

I have some gorgeous merino/bamboo from the U.S. in a steel gray-black. I think it's called gunmetal or something like that. I'm planning on spinning it sockweight and using this pattern for a similar top. It's machine washable, while the alpaca isn't.

So, there you go! I have some other projects going on: a silk scarf for my mom, about 3/4 of it done in ribbing. And, 3 pairs of socks for me in various stages of completion: Imagination in Wicked Witch colorway from (superwash merino, alpaca, nylon: perfect for socks!), some handspun alpaca, and some other stuff. Using the magic loop method--progressed from the 2 circs method to the ML.

Hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate!



Julie H. Rose said...

I love what the heels on your Noro socks - they look pink on my screen.

And, the colorway of your wristwarmers is lovely (and so are they). What an amazing bargain for alpaca! Even 3.50-4.00 is a good price for that stuff!

Happy Knitting! I'd run over to Jericho for that bargain, but it's a bit far.

yarnpiggy said...

It's all beautiful, and making me feel a bit guilty for not getting anything done! :-)

Geek Knitter said...

I simply must work on my short-row heels, yours make me envious!

Good to hear from you.

Crunchy Crafts said...

nice work! I wish I had the time to kit like you do. These kids keep me happy and busy! Anyway I love your socks very nice yarn choices as well. I am startign mittens for myself tonight with the Lopi Yarn if you check out my blog (or rav) you can see which ones Im making. Im excited as I never knit for myself.

that chick said...

all very nice. that last lace swatch needs to evolve into something... socks? a scarf?

Diane said...

I picked up a bunch of Aruacania from Little Knits too - it's gorgeous!