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Tuesday, July 21

Summer of...spring and deconstruction

It's been just ages since my last blog post! I blame it on Twitter. Really. Once the lampooned fad of the month, Twitter is extremely popular and can be quite useful for developing contacts and connections for inspiring entrepreneurs and small business people. (Hint: I will be opening my Esty shop selling handspun yarn very soon!) And, I am vtknitboy on twitter.

Where is summer?
I'll keep this short. It's been a very cool and rainy summer so far. Only a paltry few days higher than 80 degrees. 'Nuf said.

July finds our household, well, literally, the house itself, under deconstruction! After years of complaining about the cold seeping through the thin 2x6" walls, and cool breezes streaming through the now gas-depleted double-pane windows (in winter, no less), we are having some work done on the house. The house was built in 1973 and all its parts are original.

We are having the roof replaced, all the windows replaced with energy-efficient double-hung windows, insulation and new siding, and insulation placed in the garage. We are also having the screened-in porch converted into a year-around sun/tv room. The room will have windows taking up the majority of the wall space on the north and east sides. And, the old walkway (ick) and decks have been removed, and will be replaced with a smaller deck on the east side, and there are dreams of a stone patio and sitting area on the south side, in the faraway future...

Yes, I am finally doing something about getting my handspun on my etsy site. I have weighed, measured, and reskeined several skeins of handspun. I just have to take pics, and get the info on the site! I have dozens of skeins to list on the site. Just trying to get in gear, while completing tasks needed for the house remodel. My site will be I will do another blog post when it's active!

Not much for pics this post. I'll see if the pics I took on my Blackberry work out on Blogger.

Hope you are all having a nice summer! Enjoy the pics of the raspberry color astilbe and the beebalm.



teabird said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing your Etsy shop!

Knitting the Camino said...

Chris, good luck on the Etsy front. I'll be interested in seeing your stuff when you put it up. And I hope the weather improves. What with renos, it would probably be nice to be out of the house for a lot of the banging around and if the weather sucks, that's a bit harder.

Anonymous said...

me too!

good luck with the house - hope reconstruction doesn't take too long. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG, what a mess!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you're opening an etsty shop! It's about time :P.

Hope the renovation going well.

Susie said...

Hope the home reno goes quickly and painlessly. Yes I'm an optimist! Flowers are lovely even from a Blackberry cam.