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Saturday, July 3

Hoppy 4th!

I couldn't resist! Ya'll have met Torto & Nuit, now meet Chessie. My new, chestnut French Angora! He's just 4 months old, and he's a sweetie.

There's been a bit of drama, with Torto (another buck) stamping his feet in his cage, and marking my hand all up with his scent glands under his chin! Both "old" rabbits are very excited to smell another bunny in the garage. I got Chessie on Sunday 6/27, and they were a bit agitated. Running back and forth in their cages, climbing up on the inside wall to smell better, and making all sorts of noises! Luckily, things have calmed down quite a bit. I now feed or visit (pet) Torto FIRST, and take care of all of his needs, then Nuit, THEN I visit with Chessie. That way Torto doesn't smell him on my hand. It seems to be working.

I am getting one more rabbit, in about 8 weeks. A white German angora. Hopefully a doe, for breeding later. Here's a pic of a young one.

Off to blend some more batts of fiber for spinning into yarn. I will update later with pics. You can see other pics at my twitpics account at Twitpics. It's a little slow, but you an scroll down for other pics.

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