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Sunday, June 15

June Flowers: Clematis, Columbine, and Peonies

Okay, this is the last post before we're off to Seattle! I promise...

Just took some pics of the
gardens because these will all be gone-by when we return from the trip. I had more varieties of columbine this year than ever before! I would see other plants along the roadside and remember to come back when the seed heads were ready to scatter their seeds. Then I'd snip a couple of the heads. I have a double pink, double white, single white, a crimson red, and a couple different shades of purples.

I have a purplely clematis on a white light post, and a crimson red against one of our decks. The purple one always starts opening up about 2 weeks prior to the red one. Oh, I do have another huge single white--but it's just budding now. I think it is a II. Clematis are categorized into I, II, and III, according to their blooming time. Mine are all I and II's as I don't think we have a long enough summer in this part of Vermont for the III's.

Our peonies were really slow this year.

They'll be on the last leg of blooming in a week or so. One is just starting now!

And we have the Japanese Irises. I just transplanted the white one 3 years ago and already it's as large as the purple ones! I'm going to mix them up the next time I transplant.

They tend to die-out in the middle, and should be separated every 5 or 6 years or so.


Jeanne said...

Very pretty columbines! And your clematis is just great. Ditto for the peonies. I just love spring flowers...

Anonymous said...

don't you guys grow pansies up there?

Miss Ripley said...

I'm so jealous of your peonies! They're lovely.